China’s Hidden Gems for Rest and Relaxation

Whether you’re exploring the concrete jungles of Shanghai and Beijing, or an actual jungle in southern China, it’s a welcome surprise to find a safe haven at the end of each day where you can relax in style. Across the vast land of China, from the lush forest of Yunnan to the red walls of a royal garden, we’ve found places for you to hide away—where we can leave your busy city life outside the chamber doors and spend some time resting and reflecting.

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing

Featuring a wellness retreat, this is an oriental-Eden. (more…)

Guizhou: an Unexpected Discovery

Last week, WildChina staff member, Annika traveled to Guizhou for the first time. She writes here about what she discovered there.

The one overarching thought that remained with me throughout our Leisure team survey trip in Guizhou was how unexpectedly similar different parts of the world are.

Despite being familiar with our products in the area, I wasn’t sure what awaited me before embarking on our 5-day trip. The destination was rather unknown and the method of travel – private guide and driver – was one I had never experienced before.

And so, in the early hours of a January morning, I embarked on a journey into the unknown.

An unknown that turned out to be remarkably familiar.

A land where one can hike for hours through agrarian landscapes in complete silence and not encounter a soul.

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Chinese Medicine Cures for the Common Cold (and Everything Else!)

We wish you fabulous health on all of your China travels, but if you do happen to get the sniffles, these are some Chinese medicine-inspired home remedies that your new Chinese friends are likely to insist on.

Lemon Honey Ginger “Tea”

TChinese Medicine 1his is a go-to at the first sign of a sore throat or the sniffles. The lemon gives a boost of Vitamin-C, ginger brings a healthy kick that you’ll feel right away, and the honey sooths the throat. It’s a tasty, healthy drink that is catching on outside of China and is so easy to make. Slice up the ginger (no need to even peel the skin, just rinse it well), place it in cold water and bring to a boil for a few minutes. Pour the ginger water into a mug and then squeeze in some lemon and add a bit of honey to taste.

Pear Soup

In Chinese medicine, if you’re coughing, it’s because your constitution has gotten too hot. (more…)

Mei named among the 1000 Most Creative People in Business

Today, we received the exciting news that Mei has been named one of the 1000 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company magazine in recognition of her pioneering work in China’s travel industry. Mei’s vision for WildChina over the past 15 years has made it possible for a growing group of domestic and international high-end travelers to discover previously hard to access parts of China.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.17.40 PM

Mei is in great company on the 1000 MCP list, featured alongside Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and a host of other influential business innovators, across various industries and around the globe. (more…)

China’s exquisite “macaroons” and other delicacies

What’s the most popular dessert on social media? Lately it’s Ladurée macaroons and or Belgium chocolates with afternoon tea. Best friends gather together, sharing and savoring over fabulous flowers, fine china, and laced table decors.

Here in China, we enjoy the same kind of sweet pleasure with green tea and treats. Although these pastries are not branded and some of the best are the homemade ones, they require no less culinary skill and dedication. They also represent hundreds years of tradition. Some were served for Chinese royals in past dynasties, and some are made only for the celebration of Chinese festivals. Mothers, aunties and grandmothers used to sit together in the kitchen, teaching the young ones about these amazing gastronomic legacies.  (more…)

Refresh & Inspire Yourself in 2015

With 2014 drawing to a close, it is time to both reflect on the past and look toward the future. New year’s is a time to make resolutions, set new goals, and perhaps start afresh. No matter what your resolutions or goals, they probably share the common themes of revitalization and inspiration. On that note, we would like to share one of our feedback highlights from the past year with you:

“Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for arranging the visit to the Great Wall for me. I could not have dreamt of a better first day in China! I had a fantastic visit to Beijing and Xi’an and I am so happy with the two days that were arranged by WildChina. I come back refreshed, inspired and I already miss the food and the people. I have already recommended you to a staff member who is coming to Beijing very soon.”

We at WildChina wish you a refreshing and inspiring 2015! May you fulfill your resolutions, go above and beyond your goals, and explore pastures new.

Travelers in China, We got Apps for you: From Survival to Pro

“I’ll Survive” —Newbie

Hey, first day landed in China and still getting your bearings. Besides your flight attendants who took your dinner and drink orders and your flight captain who saluted in English after a perfect landing, it doesn’t seem like people can understand you more than a simple “Hi.” No worries, we got you, here is your survival kit.



Yes, there is the worldwide miracle—Google translate, but in between picking up your luggage and ordering a taxi, or trying to walk out of the gigantic T-3 (Beijing International Airport), it’s hard to figure out how to connect to a WiFi with VPN then use Google services. Pleco is one of the best Chinese-English dictionaries to use WITHOUT VPN. Life saver. It offers an excess of features including handwriting recognition so you can draw characters (extra fun) you don’t know and voice recognition for those pronunciations that you don’t understand. Pleco saves your recent searches, which means you can always remember that at the awkward moment trying to remember “Thank you” in Chinese.

Onavo Protect: (more…)

Perfectly Tailored Honeymoon Journeys

WildChina has partnered with honeymoon registry site, to offer three exquisite, hand-crafted sets of experiences for happy couples. Wanderable is perfect for newly engaged couples who want to receive gifts towards a perfect honeymoon and makes memories to last a lifetime. Choose the journey that you and your loved one will remember forever:

1. Rest and Relaxation

We’ve curated all the details of this itinerary to provide a luxurious China experience that will rejuvenate you and your loved one’s wanderlust.


2. Classic China

All the classic China sights, with the WildChina touch. This journey is perfectly tailored for a travel-loving couple to enjoy together.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.56.27 PM

3. China Adventure

From spectacular hikes to backcountry villages, let us introduce you and your loved one to China’s adventurous side.



Mei’s Tips for Authentic China Travel

China is an increasingly popular travel destination, but many people go about their China vacation all wrong. Mei Zhang was recently featured by travel expert Wendy Perrin, and gave some great insider information on how not to trade in the trip of a lifetime for a circuit tour of the main sites. Check out a few of Mei’s tips below, and head over to for the full article.


Aman at the Summer Palace – a beautiful secret get away right next to one of China’s top attractions.